Concrete consist of cement, aggregate, admixtures and water. The nature and properties of concrete mainly depend on the nature of the grout. Concrete admixtures can provide some beneficial effects, such as accelerated clotting, slow solidification, air into a bubble-like existence, reduce water consumption and increase the plasticity and so on. 

Sodium gluconate can be used as an admixture in concrete, it features in concrete as water reducer and retarder.
Sodium gluconate is generally used alone, but also in combination with other retarders such as carbohydrates and used together with phosphate. Sodium gluconate is a crystalline powder. It is produced under proper conditions and control requirements . This compound is chemically pure and non-corrosive. Quality is constant. These features ensure that a reliable and reproducible results in the application.

Sodium Gluconate, used as a reducing agent 
By adding a reducing agent, the water to cement ratio (W / C) can be reduced. 1, enhance the workability with unchanging the ratio of water to cement (W / C). 2, enhance the strength of the cement when the concrete content is kept constant and the water content can be reduced (i.e., W / C lower). When the amount of sodium gluconate was 0.1 %, the amount of water can be reduced by 10%. 3, reducing the amount of water and cement with the ratio to reduce the cement content , W / C ratio is kept constant. In this case, the reduction agent is sodium gluconate as a cement.

​Sodium Gluconate, used as a retarder
Sodium gluconate can significantly delay the beginning time and the end of the solidification of the concrete. In the amount of 0.15 % or less, with the logarithm of the initial solidification increase the amount of time proportional relationship, that with increase the amount to double clotting time delay to the start times, which makes it able to work from the time few hours to a few days without compromising on strength. Especially hot days and longer time to be placed.

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Sodium Gluconate, good concrete admixture in construction industry